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This year's theme is “Together in One Science – Behavior Analysis"

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Congratulations to our 2022 WBAD Celebration Week Winners!

Jany Alvey-Motta, MS, BCBA

Cara Craddock

Alare Kerstetter

Lauren Massara 

Jamie Mills

Hoang Nguyen

Dr. Frances Paris, BCBA, LBA, LP

Dr. Ashley Sanchez BCBA/LBA

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See this press release regarding the day of celebration

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What else can you do?  Here are some ideas:

1. Educate yourself on the practice of behavior analysis and how the treatment is beneficial to you or your loved one by visiting the following websites:
Association for Behavior Analysis International 
Behavior Analyst Certification Board
Association of Professional Behavior Analysts

4. Spread awareness about 'World Day' by posting on various social media platforms, using the hashtag: #WorldBehaviorAnalysisDay or #WBAD

7. Graph your own behavior for the day such as nail biting or another behavior you wish to self monitor

2. Find a behavior analyst in your area by searching the Board Certified Behavior Analyst website and navigating to the certificant registry by visiting this website

5. Share on social media how behavior analysis has impacted your life or the life of your loved one

8. Donate to behavior analysis research and charities such as the BF Skinner Foundation or the Society for Advancement of Behavior Analysis

3. Attend a behavior analytic conference or workshop by completing an online search for events being offered online or in-person.

6. Host a career day at a local school to shed light on this field of science and behavior change

9. Do you have any other ideas?  Let us know by contacting us.

2022's theme is “Together in One Science: Behavior Analysis"

This page provides info on how to celebrate.

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See the Premiere World Behavior Analysis Day Video.

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