The WBADA does not permit the use of its corporate logo under any circumstances without formal approval. However, the WBADA is pleased to offer the following WBADA emblems (based on region) as an alternative:


The following guidelines will help the user identify how this emblem may be used:

  • The user may use the emblem on a company website, blog, and/or social media site related to applied behavior analysis. Please ensure the emblem is not the identifier for  the  site or the central focal point of  the site. 
  • While the user may alter the emblem’s size, its color, font, shape, wording, registration must remain in its original form. There are four from which to choose depending upon your geographical region.
  • The user is  welcomed and encouraged to  utilize the emblem to reference the Site.  The user may link the emblem to the WBADA Homepage website, https://behavioranalysisday.com/ , but not to any other site.

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