WBADA Board of Directors Positions

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Are you interested in joining the WBADA Board of Directors?  Positions are currently open! See below for a description of position responsibilities. 

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Representative At Large - Program Committee Chairperson

World Behavior Analysis Day Alliance Representative at Large/ Program Committee Chairperson

General Position Description:

  • Serves as an officer and a voting member on the WBADA Board of Directors
  • The term of office shall be three (3) years
  • Participates in the activities of the World Behavior Analysis Day Alliance (WBADA) Board of Directors and assumes special duties as requested by the President
  • Helps to shape all aspects of the organization
  • Oversees and provides advice regarding the organization’s activities that carry out its charitable purpose
  • Attends WBADA Board of Director meetings
  • Forms committee through recruitment and appointment
  • Meets on a regular basis with program committee to obtain information about the organization’s programs and makes regular reports to the Board of directors about these activities
  • Serves as liaison between program committee and Board of Directors
  • Collaborates with WBADA Board Members to prepare and organize strategic planning of annual celebration
  • Arranges and Chairs Program Committee meetings throughout the year, to update its members and seek support for activities
  • Works closely with other WBADA committees to assess the needs of professionals and clients of behavior analysis
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